Prophet DAVID OWUOR Delivers A Crucial PROPHECY On The Missing MALAYSIAN Plane.

Six days and counting since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing with 239 people on board. In what has now emerged as the biggest mystery in the aviation history has got many people questioning on how the Boeing would disappear without trace. Recent revelations that the passenger’s phone lines are going through goes to question the probabilities that it would have sunk in the sea.

Theories are flowing back and forth but one thing is more definite that the plane is missing and yet to be found and the search still on with the help of US Navy Seal.

While on the subject Dr. Owuor who is known for making prophecies issued a statement on the mystery during a radio appearance on local christian channel saying he had seen this several months back,”the Lord had revealed to me in a dream that He a mysterious happening will happen and it will be on a water body,the whole world will come to a standstill. The Lord has now revealed the prophecy,people have turned away from The Lord and think they can live without Him which is very wrong,Repent or what you are seeing will seem as a joke” Owuor sounded a warning in his radio deliveries Friday morning.

Dr.Owuor claimed to have prophesied the Westgate Mall terror attack last year September that left Hundreds killed and scores wounded. He went as far as saying to have informed and warned the police against the pending attack.

Do you believe in his prophecy on the Malaysian plane.

from Nairobi Exposed

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